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Experience Dracula Tour

Duration: 8 days
Age: 15
Price: 1050 Euro €
Dracula beyond the legend
Book Dracula tour experience the legend and let’s go beyond the myth of Dracula. When was last time you’ve been amazed? This tour is a fantastic opportunity.

Why You'll Love This Trip

Dracula Tour is crafted for people like you by people like us. When was last time you thought this is an experience I will never forget? Is there a better way to explore Romania’s most famous regions a journey beyond the myth of Dracula? This tour is a fantastic opportunity to discover that there’s more in Transylvania than vampires, castles and legends. On this trip, we dig a little deeper and show you the real Transylvania and beyond. 
Dracula tour is designed based on our feedback from guests like you. We blend incredible Gothic architecture, lush forests, captivating little villages filled with friendly folk, local and tasty food and gorgeous cities like Sighișoara and Brașov.

What's Included

Professional tour guides
All transport between destinations and to and from included activities
Accommodation (7 nights)
6 dinners
Sibiu, Sighișoara and Brașov orientation walk
Ruins of Dracula’s Poenari Castle visit
Visit to Bran Castle, Peleș Castle, Corvin Castle
Prejmer Fortress visit
Biertan – UNESCO World Heritage Site
Houses of Parliament in Bucharest

Not Included

Medical insurance, we strongly advise you obtain this


Guided visit to Sibiu. Today we’ll explore Sibiu, one of the most famous towns in Transylvania. Built around eight centuries ago by the Saxon colonists, Sibiu became a very important fortress, trade centre and cultural destination. We’ll learn the grizzly reason why this fortress was so important to the notorious Vlad the Impaler.

Welcome dinner in a traditional restaurant/ accommodation

Today we’ll be following the footsteps of Dracula and paying a visit to his birthplace. On our way to Sighișoara, we’ll enjoy a short visit to Copșa Mica – you’ll see why!
We’ll also have a pit stop in Biertan – a UNESCO World Heritage Site with one of the most fortified churches in Transylvania. In Sighișoara we’ll enjoy a pleasant stroll through the narrow, pebbled streets between the fortified walls and towers.

We’ll learn about Vlad’s childhood and teenage years, his dastardly deeds and his conflict with the Saxons in Transylvania. We’ll even have the chance to have lunch in the house where he was supposedly born. Now that’s a unique experience!

In the afternoon we’ll visit a real gem of Transylvanian heritage: the fortified church and village of Viscri – an amazing place recommended by Prince Charles himself! On our journey back to Sibiu we’ll venture through the Hartibaciu Valley, where you’ll get a real sense of beyond Transylvania.
Following this, we’ll head back to Sibiu for dinner and accommodation

Who hasn’t heard of Corvin Castle? Located in the heart of Transylvania, it was recently nominated as one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Europe. The stories about this place are truly amazing (and a little horrifying) with tales of torture, battles, punishment and power, all traced back to Vlad the Impaler. In the afternoon, we’ll visit the Alba Iulia Fortress – the largest fortress in Transylvania.

In the evening we suggest a nice, relaxing dinner with an amazing view where we’ll taste some traditional homemade dishes paired with local wines.
Following this, we will make our way back to Sibiu.

Day 4
This is the day our guests seem to enjoy the most! Today we will visit the famous Bran Castle. So many stories have been told about this frightening castle, so this is the perfect time to learn more about Vlad the Impaler….or Dracula…or both?

Who was this mysterious Prince? Why did he become so famous in medieval times and what made him the most terrifying character in the history of Transylvania? His story is quite remarkable, as is the castle itself, which you’ll have time to enjoy and explore. In the afternoon we’ll have a short tour in Brașov where we’ll learn about Dracula’s love story and his conflict with the Saxons in Brașov. Expect a long but interesting day!

After this we will head back to Sibiu for dinner and accommodation.

Day 5

Day 5 is an action-packed but thoroughly enjoyable day. We’ll follow the construction story of two huge communist symbols: an amazing, strategic road in the mountains and a water dam, both of which were built by Nicolae Ceaușescu. From Transylvania we’ll cross the Carpathian Mountains through the stunning Transfăgărășan Road, dubbed as ‘the most wonderful road in the world’ by the Top Gear team.
We’ll have a short stop at the glacial lake Bâlea, at around 2000m altitude where we’ll enjoy lunch. We will then continue our trip where we’ll cross the mountains and reach the famous Vidraru Dam– an incredible architectural achievement for its time.

Next, we’ll visit the Poenari Fortress, the place that Vlad the Impaler used as a hiding place. Depending on the weather conditions, we’ll climb the 1480 steps to the fortress – a great challenge but very much worth it!

Option 1: * Curtea de Argeș to Bucharest. As we go on, we’ll reach the first capital of Wallachia, Curtea de Argeș. This town hosts the tombs of the great German kings of Romania and an old political centre. We’ll visit one of the oldest churches in Wallachia and the Curtea de Argeș Monastery, a unique piece of architecture with many legends.

Option 2: * If we don’t stop in Curtea de Argeș, we’ll visit Târgoviște. Târgoviște is an ancient, picturesque town that was the capital of Wallachia for 3 centuries. Here, we’ll visit a museum, a monastery and the famous Chindia Tower (built during the reign of Vlad the Impaler).

Today we’ll enjoy a long but interesting walk with plenty of incredible sights to see. We’ll start right in the centre of the capital of Romania and gain some insight into the changes the country has seen over the last few centuries.

We’ll stroll down charming little narrow streets and admire the amazing House of Parliament, which is the biggest public civil building in the world. If you’re interested, we can visit the House of Parliament to learn a little about the communist era in Romania.

In the afternoon we’ll discover Bucharest as it was during the interwar period and the transformation it went through during the communist times. We’ll admire the National History Museum, the National Art Museum, the former Royal Palace, and stop to sample some delicious cake accompanied by interesting stories.

Day 7
Today we’ll enjoy a panoramic tour of the city and take in some of the nearby sights. We’ll visit the Mogoșoaia Palace, a stunning medieval palace on the shore of a lake that’s a great example of brâncovenesc style with Byzantine influences. Another attraction of the day will be the Snagov Monastery – the place where Vlad the Impaler is supposedly buried. Located on an island, in the middle of a lake, this monastery is famous for the legends that connect it to the mysterious Dracula legend.

Option 1*: On our way back to Bucharest we have the option to stop at the Village Museum and visit some old traditional Romanian households. We’ll have dinner in a traditional Romanian restaurant, Casa Doina.

Option 2*: On our way back, we can stop at an old monastery and tourist complex, Comana. We’ll have dinner at the Comana restaurant, on the banks of a lake.

This tour begins in Sibiu. It can be modified according to your preferences and availability.

Trip Information

Travelling in small groups
Staying in local accommodation
Enjoying traditional food
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Duration: 8 days
Age: 15
Price: 1050 Euro €

Experience Dracula Tour

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