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Christmas Tour

Duration: 4 days
Age: 8+
Price: 680 Euros €
A 4-night tour for a memorable Christmas Experience!
Spend your Christmas holiday in Maramureș, where traditions and customs are well preserved and fluffy white snow turns the streets into a winter wonderland! ​ On this tour you’ll see why there’s much more to Christmas in Romania than pine trees and presents.

Why You'll Love This Trip

Every country has its own way of telling the story of Christmas through its traditions, beliefs, and customs. Romanian traditions make Christmas a truly magical, festive occasion. Don’t just take our word for it – join us and see for yourself!

Christmas celebrations begin on Christmas Eve in Romania, when families hang baubles, candies, and coloured lights on the Christmas Tree. Traditionally, they gather around the tree to decorate it while singing carols, to really get into the Christmas spirit!

Be my guest!
Crăciun Fericit is how Romanians say ‘Merry Christmas!’
There are many traditions and customs that are still thriving, particularly in rural areas. These traditions can be discovered in the beautiful, breathtaking region of Maramureș, which is our top suggestion for your Christmas getaway.

Music plays an important role in Christmas festivities all over Romania. In fact, Christmas carols were first sung in Europe thousands of years ago, as part of the winter solstice celebration. On Christmas Eve, children go out carolling to different houses and perform their songs to the adults in the communities. The children receive sweets, fruits, traditional cakes called ‘cozonaci’ (similar to Stollen), and sometimes even money as a reward for singing well. You may be surprised to learn that in Romania, carolling isn’t just for children – many adults join in too! In the past, only young unmarried men could participate, but these days both men and women go carolling to get into festive spirit.

What's Included

Accommodation in a guesthouse (4 nights)
Transfer from Cluj-Napoca to Maramureș
Christmas Eve spent with locals
Visit to UNESCO Wooden Churches
Full board and local drinks
Christmas market
A souvenir gift!

Not Included

Travel Insurance


Day 1
Greetings and transfer from Cluj-Napoca airport to the authentic village of Maramureș.

Day 2
Enjoy this rural fairytale and take a walk between the villages, visiting the wooden church of Budești. When we reach The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance, you will learn more about the communist period.
Visit the Merry Cemetery in Săpânța!

Day 3
Free time in the village. From listening to joyful carolers to sampling delicious, traditional festive dishes, this is a magical Christmas holiday not to be missed!

Day 4
Enjoy a ride on Mocănița – a charming steam train that is the last remaining train of the Carpathian Forestry Railway.
Visit the village of Bârsana which is home to a famous (and beautiful) church crafted entirely from wood.

Day 5
Transfer from Maramureș to Cluj-Napoca.
Visit the Christmas Fair.

Trip Information

Duration: 4 days
Age: 8+
Price: 680 Euros €

Christmas Tour

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