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Let's get to know each other!

Our Mission & Vision

Beyond Romania Travel visualises a global community that fully supports social development by means of tourism. We have committed ourselves to create and implement a ‘better places to live for better places to visit’ concept. To explain this a little better, we have broken our mission down into three categories:

beyond romania travel vision and mission

What we believe in...

"Better Places to Live, Better Places to Visit"

We Provide Experiences To You

We aim to provide our guests with a holiday experience they will never forget. We believe that this can only be achieved through proper planning and implementation of our tour packages. Our goal is not just to meet our guest’s expectations but to exceed them.

Community Engagement

We contribute to improving the quality of life in the community – not just locally, but on a national scale, by continuously and actively recognising the role that our business plays in society.​

Together We Contribute to Economic Improvement

By operating our business on a reasonable financial basis of profitable growth, we provide several career opportunities to the local community and offer benefits and rewards for all employees. This is something that we consistently achieve.

At Beyond Romania Travel, we are always looking for new and creative ideas to accomplish our mission whilst upholding deep respect for people – regardless of whether they are part of the community or not.​


At Beyond Romania Travel, we consider everyone to be like family. We recognise that each of us has a role to contribute and these roles must be performed well. We value everyone and always treat each other with respect.


We constantly strive to improve our service and never allow the quality of our service to be compromised. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations – something we have undoubtedly already achieved and will always be proud of.​

Responsible Tourism

Travel isn’t just about having a great time with friends and loved ones. It also encompasses a deeper relationship between the visitors and the locals to promote economic, social, and cultural growth while preserving the natural environment. 

We believe tourism can be a means of giving something back to the community while having the time of your life. With this in mind, our visitors get a chance to immerse themselves with the locals and experience all the wonderful, unique things that Romania has to offer. 

The goal of Beyond Romania Travel is to promote responsible tourism throughout the country by providing tours that we selected, created, and reviewed carefully ourselves. We conduct thorough research when creating the tours, to ensure we choose activities and experiences that will be financially beneficial for the local people in the places we visit, while ensuring our guests have an amazing time too of course!

Some examples of how we conduct our tours with responsible tourism in mind are:

  • Our team has extensive knowledge in the regions of Romania where we offer our tours.
  • We encourage our guests to engage with the locals such as villagers, craftsmen and farmers
  • We promote local businesses by introducing our guests to warm, hearty (and delicious!) local cuisines that reflect the culture and tradition of Romania.

Behind it all…

You might be wondering why we feel there is a need for us to do this. Romania is filled with beautiful and traditional regions that are not yet fully developed. This country has shown endless potential that could easily surpass neighbouring countries and we want to help. Beyond Romania Travel strives to preserve the beauty of the country, so we support the communities by presenting economic opportunities via tourism.

Our team

come as a tourist, leave as a friend.

adela dadu beyondromania

Adela Dadu


I have been lucky enough to work in the travel industry for 15 years.  Started as a student I was working at Hollywood in a theme park. Guiding tourists and show them the surroundings of that beautiful place. It was a wonderful experience, which helped me discover what I really enjoy doing. I started my official work as a guide in 2007, in Sibiu (Romania) with the occasion of the Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007 Program.

gabriel murgu founder beyondromania

Gabriel Murgu


I’ve worked in hospitality, tourism and travel for the last 13 years. Me and Adela we both started with Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007, without knowing each other at that time. In 2010 moved to UK for a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tourism Management. I’ve worked in consultancy research with Leeds Beckett University in responsible tourism marketing, events and digital marketing. In 2019 In 2019 I came up with the idea of BeyondRomania, a different way of experiencing this beautiful destination.

Petre Dadu


Mike Stuart


Cosmin Vasiu


Mila Yong



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