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How We Switched To Online Tours

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Like every single person and business on the planet, we are also being affected by the sad reality of this current pandemic. Obviously, in normal situations, we promote travelling, but for now we believe STAYING AT HOME is the right thing to do.

But don’t think for a second that we’re completely giving up on travelling.
Since you can’t leave your house, how about we bring some amazing historic places TO your house?And then, after these armchair tours, we hope you will visit Romania – and us ! – in person !

We don’t know how the current situation will last, but for the time being, we are switching to online tours. All you need is a good internet connection, comfy chair, a hot cup of tea and logging into our Zoom meetings, where each day a local guide will walk you through a different place telling you about its history.

With the help of high quality 360 panoramic photos and videos and a bit of your creative imagination, you will feel like actually walking on those grounds. Your tour guide will also be able to answer any questions you might have, so the whole thing will be just as interactive as it would be in real life.

Paying the price of just a few cups of coffee for our virtual tours, you will help not just our company to stay alive, but also the local tour guides we’re hiring and the local children’s charities we are donating to each time.

Each tour will have the discounted price of €12.99, then after a month a full price of €20. We are donating about 20% of each tour to House of Nature.

House of Nature is a non-profit working with children and youth in rural Transylvania and their vision is that children are the future change-makers and leaders of their local communities. Their work is to empower them to become strong, empathetic leaders by facilitating their access to equal chances to development and quality education.  

If you have any questions about how this works, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions. This is our way of giving back to the communities and is one of our core beliefs.

We don’t mean to suggest that replacing real life travelling with digital travelling has to be the way of life from now on. We simply want to entertain you, educate you, and make your mind fly freely, while also respecting government guidelines on staying indoors.

We mean to give you a taste of our beautiful country so when travelling will be absolutely safe again, you can visit them in person. After all, taking a virtual tour of the amazing Louvre Museum, you would still want to visit the real place, even more so, is that right?

Now here’s the list of our virtual tours for the next week.

Are you curious about the real historical figure who was said to be the notorious Count Dracula? We’re here to debunk the myth and present some historical facts to you. Your tour guide will tell you about the life of Vlad the Impaler, a Wallachian prince, how his cruelty towards his enemies became the stuff of legends, what the difference is between history and fiction, also if there are any similarities. While telling his story, your tour guide will also walk you through the most notable places and castles that were significant in this prince’s life.

Now here’s something mind blowing that you might know already, but we think perhaps you don’t: the Prince of Wales is said to be related to Vlad the Impaler through his great grandmother Queen Mary (who is believed to be descended from one of Vlad’s sons).

Small world, after all, isn’t it? Prince Charles loves to visit Transylvania so much that he even called it his second home. He has a handful of projects going on in Transylvania such as charities, animal sanctuaries, conservations, community projects.

In this online tour, your guide will talk in more details about Charles’ Transylvanian activities, showing you these places and the amazing work they do. Prince of Wales “is the last corner of Europe, where you see true sustainability” (min 2)

Transylvania was home of the Saxons for centuries, so naturally, they left a great impact on the region, be it customs, clothing, buildings, whole preserved medieval towns and villages. Some of these places look exactly the way they used to during the Middle Ages so no wonder they’re part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
In this virtual tour, your guide will show you some of these sites and tell you about how the Saxon communities lived together (mostly in harmony) with the other communities of the region. Also, you will take an inside look into how the handful of remaining Saxons live nowadays in Transylvania.

While Transylvania is mostly known for its medieval preserved towns and gorgeous natural landscapes, it is also home to some fast-growing modern urban places. Cities that are throbbing with life, populated by a new generation of young innovative people. In this online tour, your guide will present these cities to you and talk about the newest ongoing urban communities projects.

Forget about the typical TripAdvisor kind-of tourist destinations and dig deeper. This virtual tour will help you find some truly unique places and activities you can do in Transylvania, some that can only be found here, or maybe just a handful of other places in the world.

These are activities such as riding in agricultural horse-drawn carriages, sleeping in a hotel made of ice, eating traditional local food you won’t find anywhere else, or walking in the past in the preserved medieval villages.

And who else to get these secret tips from if not an insider, like your local tourist guide who will be holding this presentation for you.

We hope some of these virtual tours have sparked your interest and we’ll be seeing you online. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

After you pay, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the password and we’ll send you the link to join our Zoom meeting. It’s a really simple step, but in case you don’t know how Zoom works and need some help setting up, here’s their official video on the subject:

Stay safe, keep your head up, and we hope to see you soon in person.

Erika Dragu

Erika Dragu

Erika Dragu is a freelance writer and native Transylvanian. She grew up in the small town of Miercurea Ciuc, surrounded by mountains and medieval villages.

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