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Cycling Highway: the world's best road in Romania Transfagarasan | Top Gear

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6 Days Road Cycling highest roads in Romania

The Big Cross Road Ride

Cycling Transfagarasan - Transalpina! The Big Cross Road Ride
  • Featuring: Crossing the two highest mountain passes in Romania, Transfagarasan Highway(2.042 m) and Transalpina Road (2145 m)
  • Difficulty: Hard to extreme (100-120 kilometers and 1500-2500m climbed)
  • Group size: Up to 15 people
  • Departure dates: We will run only private groups, so get in touch, please!
  • Accommodation in rural guesthouses

What people say?

What should you expect from this road cycling in Romania

This is one of the most challenging tours that we have, a road cycling in Romania. And is not just a usual road, it is probably the best road in the world to quote Top Gear.

In the same time on of the most desired. We created this tour with people like you in our mind.

It’s about experiencing two of the most beautiful roads in the world Transfagarasan and Transalpina while doing a cycling tour,.

Discover the beauty of Transylvania medieval towns, eating local food, drinking nice wine. That’s beyond the cycling experience.

Look beyond Dracula’s myth, Transylvania is associated with vampire folklore and known as Dracula’s homeland. The Bram Stoker novel was inspired by Romanian leader Vlad Dracul.

Right, that’s it here about Dracula, let’s go cycling.

Be our guest! Lets cross Transalpina Transfagarasan

The Transfăgărășan

Transfagarasan is the most popular road in Romania, that popular that the guys from Top Gear called “the world’s best road?”

Try Palinka, not too often!
Palinka is a local, traditional spirit, a local “whiskey” made from plums, cherries, apples, or other fruits. It’s strong and firewater-like. I like the plums one!
Traditional food

Make sure you try all the traditional food that is recommended to you, why not in the end you will probably never try again! Go for sarmale 🙂 

It is called “The King’s Road” by the Romanians because King Carol II opened the road back in the 1930’s. There are rumours that Nicolae Ceauşescu built Transfăgărăşan Road just to surpass the Transalpina.

Cross the language barrier!

Have a go at the Romanian language, is part of the romantic languages so many of the words are similar such as “salut”, “merci” and “ciao”.

Hi/Good day! – Buna ziua! [ˌbu.nə ˈzi.wa] in Romanian

Thank you. – Mulțumesc [mult͡suˈmesk] in Romanian. You will get by with “Merci” as well.

Yes – Da in Romanian

No -Nu in Romanian




With everything from Bucharest’s increasingly sophisticated nightlife to some of Europe’s most spectacular wildernesses, Romania lacks neither attractions nor diversity. And these two roads Transalpina highway and Transfagarasan highway are the best attractions for road cycling in Romania.

This cycling tour is crossing both spectacular roads in Romania.

Our expert local guides design the tour to bring you memorable experiences that you can brag about to your friends. Also they will look after your safetiness while you ride on the road.

Transfagarasan Road vs. Transalpina Road

Many people know that Transfagarasan Highway its a very famous road, with the help of Top Gear episode of course, “the best road in the world for driving”.

The Transfăgărășan road also known as Ceaușescu’s Folly, is a paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains.

It’s the second-highest road (2.042 m) in Romania after the Transalpina road, 90 kilometers (56 mi) between the highest peaks in the country, Moldoveanu and Negoiu. 

Not too far away, only 100 km away to the West, you find Transalpina Highway or “The Kings Road”, as the locals call it. It’s said that its history goes back thousands of years to the time of the Roman Empire.

Transalpina road quality is much better, the road is longer by more than 60 km and the elevation profile makes this road a lot more demanding.

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A different Cycling Experience
Experience Transylvania, Romania on two wheels! We will take you through some of the stunning landscapes Romania has to offer, through the Carpathian Mountains, the wildest area in the country. There is no region in Romania more saturated with natural wonders than the Carpathian Mountains. This mountain biking tour, this adventure it will take you right in the middle of pastures, beautiful villages, sheepfolds and forests, will most definitely impress you! In these environments, the presence of human settlements has not disturbed the original landscape and ecosystems. We bring the usual biking tour to new dimensions.

If you are a road cycling enthusiast and you think this would be a challenge reserve your spot now.


Cycling Transfagarasan – Transalpina!

The Big Cross Road Ride

Are truly amazing place to cycle, right?

So, this is your chance to cross two of the most beautiful roads cycling!

view over birtan village transylvania story tour


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Please note WizzAir are flying to most of the major city in Romania, like Cluj, Sibiu, Iasi, Timisoara. 

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