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8 Days Family Eco-Cycling Tour

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Padurea Craiului Mountains

8 Days Family Eco-tour in Padurea Craiului Mountains, Transylvania

Family Tour Ride

8 Days Relaxing & Culture Tour
1119 Offer for 14 days
  • Featuring: Experience picturesque Romania like a local!
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium (15-35 km. of cycling) and 5-10 km of trekking/day
  • Group size: 3-16 people
  • Departure dates: xxx
  • Accommodation in rural guesthouses

About this trip

Visit the romantic city of Oradea with it’s thermal baths and it’s uniqueArt Nouveau architecture. Set in one of the most charming parts of Romania, deep into the heart of Transylvania, the Padurea Craiului Mountains are the perfect set for a relaxing and cultural holiday!

Following untouched landscapes, unique arts & crafts, cultural sites and breath-taking natural sites, these tours are meant for the relaxed travellers that want to try a bit of everything in their travels!

On the way you will be visiting centuries old wooden churches, relax in thermal baths, try delicious local gastronomy and experience the underground world in spectacular caves. All served by the kind locals who will make the experience one of a kind! Sounds good?

Be our guest!

Via Ferrata
The “Casa Zmeului” via ferrata route is near Vadu Crisului, Crisul Repede defile/gorge, in Padurea Craiului Mountains, a subunit of the Apuseni Mountains.
Try Palinka not too often!
Palinka is a local, traditional spirit, a local “whiskey” made from plums, cherries, apples, or other fruits. It’s strong and firewater-like. I like the plums one!
Traditional food

Make sure you try all the traditional food that is recommended to you, why not in the end you will probably never try again! Go for sarmale 🙂 

Romanian’s surprising Art Nouveau capital. Oradea is also sought after for its curative thermal springs due to its proximity to the Băile Felix resort.

Cross the language barrier!

Have a go at the Romanian language, is part of the romantic languages so many of the words are similar such as “salut”, “merci” and “ciao”.

Hi/Good day! – Buna ziua! [ˌbu.nə ˈzi.wa] in Romanian

Thank you. – Mulțumesc [mult͡suˈmesk] in Romanian. You will get by with “Merci” as well.

Yes – Da in Romanian

No -Nu in Romanian




If is more interesting for you to visit off the beaten track destinations, places that have a lot less tourists and a lot more real life than you are in the right place.


Padurea Craiului - a destination for eco-toursim!

Padurea Craiului is a European protected area that hosts 37 species of European interest, and over 16 habitats. Thanks to the karst rocks, which reflect the sunlight, this area has several rare species of plants. The major attraction in this area is caves. They shelter major bat colonies. All the caves in Padurea Craiului shelter bat colonies. In the north-west of Apuseni Nature Park is the Padurea Craiului Mountain, which is a carstic mountain and a huge territory with peaks, valleys, caves and underground channels, carstic plateaus, waterfalls. Padurea Craiului has the largest plateau-type karst in the Apuseni Mountains developed at about 500–600 m altitude with numerous karst features as karren, dolines, ponors, springs, and caves.

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A different Cycling Experience

Experience Transylvania, Romania on two wheels!

We will take you through some of the stunning landscapes Romania has to offer, through the Carpathian Mountains, the wildest area in the country. There is no region in Romania more saturated with natural wonders than the Carpathian Mountains. 

This biking tour, this adventure it will take you right in the middle of pastures, beautiful villages, sheepfolds and forests, caves, carstic plateaus will most definitely impress you! In these environments, the presence of human settlements has not disturbed the original landscape and ecosystems. 

We bring the usual biking tour to e new dimensions. 


Cycling in a eco-tourism area!

Are truly amazing place to cycle, right?

So, this is your chance to cross beautiful areas cycling!

view over birtan village transylvania story tour



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