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Spend your Christmas holiday in Transylvania

Exceed your limits by spending a night in the Hotel of Ice, at the top of the Făgăraș Mountains,

and visiting Sibiu Christmas Market!

Christmas celebration has a unique charm all over the world!

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4 nights of a memorable Christmas Experience 

The Hotel of Ice in Făgăraș Mountains is a challenge, a thought born from the desire to bring something new to Romanian tourism. Combine adventure and fun, with the latest existing tourism promotion concepts.


About this experience!

Every year, the Ice Hotel has a new theme, and that’s why every room tells you a unique whispering story before you fall asleep.

Since 2005, in the heart of the Făgăraș Mountains, is built yearly the most distinguished hotel of Romania, the Hotel of Ice. 

The hotel is built entirely of snow and ice blocks that are extracted from the largest glacial lake of the Făgăraș Mountains, Bâlea Lac

Ice blocks reach 70 centimeters in height and weigh almost 70 pounds. In less than a month the ice artists manage to raise a home for winter lovers, their work being rewarded by over 8,000 annual guests.

Be my guest!

Crăciun Fericit is how Romanian say Happy/Merry Christmas!


During winter, from December to March you can choose and have a once in a lifetime experience in Transylvania, visit the land of Count Dracula and sleep in the Hotel of Ice located in Făgăraș Mountains at 2034 metres.

The Hotel of Ice, one of the main winter tourist attractions in Transylvania, is built every year from blocks of ice and snow. All options of accommodation are ready by Christmas Eve. The hotel’s restaurant boasts traditional cuisine, which respects the ancient Transylvanian recipes. The ingredients used by the hotel’s chefs are natural and healthy ingredients from the area’s natives. The bar of the hotel awaits you to pamper yourself with a variety of flavored drinks for the grown-ups and teenagers, to enjoy the boiled, sparkling wine that will warm you up after a cold day. 



Christmas in Romania is more than just families decorating the Christmas tree, friends exchanging gifts, and children preparing for their wishlist and waiting for Santa.

There are a lot of traditions and customs that are kept well, particularly in rural areas and in the countryside. And these can be found in the beautiful and breathtaking region of Transylvania, which by the way, is our top suggestion for your Christmas getaway

Christmas carol singing

Music is an important part of the Christmas celebration all over Romania. As a matter of fact, Christmas carols were first sung in Europe thousands of years ago as part of the winter solstice celebration. On Christmas Eve, children go out caroling to different houses and perform their songs to the adults. In return, the children receive sweets, fruits, traditional cakes called ‘cozonaci’, and sometimes money as a reward for singing well. You’d be delighted to know that even adults go caroling during the Christmas season. If in the past, only young unmarried men could be part of these groups, nowadays, both men and women go caroling to celebrate the essence of this joyful season.

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A different Christmas Experience

 Most Romanians practice Eastern Orthodoxy and are known to be religious people. According to Orthodox religion, the process of soul and body purifying starts way before the holiday itself– from November 14 up to Christmas Day. Christmas Fast lasts 40 days and people don’t eat meat or any animal products (eggs, milk, etc.), with the exception of eating fish. Even though the fasting lasts for six weeks, it’s amazing to see how many people consciously respect this religious practice.    

Prepare also for mouth-watering dishes, especially when visiting the countryside. Each year on the 20th of December, an Ignat Day (St. Ignatius), Romanian families all over the countryside sacrifice their pig in order to have a sumptuous meal for Christmas. Delicious is an understatement when it comes to describing these Romanian dishes so you better go there and taste them!



Bâlea Lake




Hotel Of Ice

Hotel Of Ice Balea Lake

a different christmas experience

It is a truly amazing place to spend Christmas, right?

So, this is your chance to make your winter dream trip a reality!

fun fact

During the Communist era, the religious meaning of Christmas was banished but Romanians still continued to secretly celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in the safety of their homes and observe the old Christmas customs and traditions. 

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Hotel of Ice in Transylvania is our top suggestion for your Christmas getaway

Bucharest – greeting, airport transfer

Accommodation in Bucharest

Bucharest – Sinaia – visit at Peleș Castle – Brașov (walking tour)

Accommodation in Brașov

Brașov – Bâlea Waterfall and from here the cable car will transport you to Bâlea Lake and the Ice Hotel. Spend the afternoon up in the mountains with a range of snow-based activities and then dinner “on ice” at the Ice Hotel. 

Accommodation in your ice-room or igloo-room. 

Visit at Bran Castle or Dracula’s Castle before travelling back to the vibrant capital, Bucharest, for the last night.

Accommodation in Bucharest 

Depending on your flight time, you can do a Bucharest walking tour and visit Bucharest Christmas Fair then transfer to the airport.