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bridge of liars sibiu romania

7 Ideas for Your Dream Holidays in Transylvania

Are you dreaming of an extraordinary adventure? Escape to Transylvania and revel in its captivating history, dynamic culture and beautiful landscapes. You’ll have a holiday of a lifetime packed with iconic experiences. Uncover nature trails, mountain hikes and local customs for the ultimate Transylvanian escape as we explore seven ideas for your dream holidays. Introduction … Read more

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How many days do you need in Transylvania

Are you dreaming of embarking on an invigorating Transylvania adventure? You may be wondering how long to stay in the magical land. From majestic castles to captivating local culture, discover how many days are needed to experience it all! Introduction to Transylvania Transylvania is a region with a rich history, stunning landscapes, and diverse culture, … Read more

The bridge of Lies things to do in Sibiu city

15 Things To Do in Sibiu Like a Local

15 Things To Do in Sibiu Like a Local Is Sibiu worth visiting? Sibiu is a must visit when you arrive in Romania for the first time. Sibiu is a major Saxon city in Transylvania, Romania and it has all the charm you would expect from this region of Europe and easyly comparable with cities … Read more

Stunning Bran castle and cloudy summer landscape,Transylvania,Romania travel

10 Romania Travel Tips From Bloggers Who Visited

Romania Travel Tips | Impressions of 10 Travel Bloggers When you travel to a new destination, you want to get to know the people and the place as much as possible. After all, an excellent vacation is all about the experiences. Regardless of the length of your stay – two days or two weeks – … Read more

romania and the romanians

Romania and the Romanians

Romania and the Romanians Hello everyone. Romania is located in Southeast Europe just about, or actually exactly neighbouring Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldavia and it kind of looks like the Pokemon Magikarp or just any other fish. Romania has 19.53 million inhabitants, 2018. Hmmmm many are in Italy, Spain, UK, Germany so for sure … Read more