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Romania and the Romanians

Romania and the Romanians

romania and the romanians

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Romania and the Romanians

Hello everyone. Romania is located in Southeast Europe just about, or actually exactly neighbouring Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldavia and it kind of looks like the Pokemon Magikarp or just any other fish. Romania has 19.53 million inhabitants, 2018.

Hmmmm many are in Italy, Spain, UK, Germany so for sure not this numbers anymore.

The capital city of Romania is the beautiful city of Bucharest, which had the nickname Little Paris before World War II. The country is also well known for the city of Sibiu, which was voted Europe’s eighth most idyllic place to live by Forbes. Also Sibiu was the European cultural capital 2007.

Romania is, in general, an extremely beautiful country with amazing landscapes. You can go skiing here, hiking and stand in front of signs that say you’re 2,248 meters above sea level. Of course, we can’t talk about Romania’s landscapes without talking about the incredible waterfall, the Cascada Bigar, which was voted the most beautiful water in the world by World Geography.

Now Romania is Europe’s richest country in gold resources. And we are no experts on the subject, but we are pretty sure gold is a good thing to be rich in. Maybe that’s why we created this stone statue, the Decebal’s Head, which is a portrait of an ancient king. Now that’s the face of a man who has his face in a rock of a person who lives in a country full of gold.

Other famous Romanian faces include Carter from Gossip Girl, also known as Sebastian Stan. He also started in movies such as The Black Swan and Captain America and he’s a very handsome guy. Good job, Romania. The country is also very famous for the singer Ina who is known for songs such as The Sun Is Up, Hot and many, many more. Gymnast legend Nadia Comaneci is also Romanian. She was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10.

And of course the most famous Romania of the all?  That’s Vlad the Impaler who was called the Impaler because he impaled people with his stick. No, actually not, but he did impale them on large spikes, and that’s the same thing. And maybe you’re thinking who is this Vlad the Impaler? But he’s actually the guy who Dracula is based on. 

Now according to Top Gear, Romania has the best road in the entire world, which sounds kind of funny, right? Like what makes a road the best road in the world? But then when you look at the pictures of it, I must admit, it does look pretty awesome and twirly. That is indeed the best road in the world. And do you know Jeremy Clarkson said it so…

Because no one has ever disagreed with him. Right? A very interesting thing about Romania is that they have the black magic tax, which gives the government a cut of all the money made from witchcraft and sorcery.

view over transfagarasan road

Now about the Romanian people, well according to the countries advertising, half of them look like Kate’s and the other half like her sister. Not too bad, Romania. This poster was part of an advertising campaign to attract English tourists.

Some of the other advertisements stated that Charles bought a house in 2005 and Harry has not been photographed naked once. So apart from having a good sense of humour, Romanians are also described as an incredibly friendly and hospitable people.

Erika Dragu

Erika Dragu

Erika Dragu is a freelance writer and native Transylvanian. She grew up in the small town of Miercurea Ciuc, surrounded by mountains and medieval villages.

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