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Cultural, walks, treks, remarkable holidays made for you.

Online Travel Experiences!

We are in a situation that most of us have never faced before, but we will get to the end together. NOW it’s time to stay home, stay safe and protect yourselves the others. How long will this take? No one knows exactly but everyone is affected, so NO travel at the moment.

What are we doing now?
We’ve taken our signature travel experiences in Romania and adapted them for social distance. Let’s get together online, listen and support our amazing local guides who will deliver superb experiences.

What we do

Taking care of your holiday in Romania.

We have created experiences that are loaded with unique features. Romania tours  that are full of exclusive experiences. All our tours allow you to meet the people behind the places, that offer ‘wow’ moments for you to “take back home”. Tours that give our you bragging rights when you return home. This is our goal.

A collection of ‘one-off’ travel experiences, with an emphasis on rolling sleeves up and getting involved, meeting the faces behind the places, touch, tasting, connecting with locals. At Beyond Romania, we’ve made it our aim to make you feel at home in this stunning country.

We want you to enjoy all the wonders that Romania has to offer just like a local; we’ll help you avoid the tourist traps so you can really immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy the real Romania! Our mission is to transform your time here into something truly special – an unforgettable holiday, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

We exponentially offer remarkable holidays in Romania through experiences for people who want to have last long memories. If we don’t think we can offer memorable experiences, we won’t take on the tour.

Discover Memorable Tours in Romania

Duration: 1 days
Age: 18+


75 €
Did you know that Transylvania was part of the Wine Road and it was famous for its white wine?
Duration: 1 days


60 €
One of the greatest places to visit in Romania is the Transfăgărășan road with its breathtaking view
Duration: 1 days


55 €
Day trip from Sibiu. We invite you to a relaxing tour in this area with a visit at a traditional sheepfold
Duration: 1 days


60 €
Sibiu - European Region of Gastronomy in 2019. Book a cultural and a delicious local gastronomic walking tour.

The greatest memories of your life are made here

Discover the depths of Romania, from age-old castles to Saxon villages, rich wildlife and vast undisturbed forest in the Romanian Carpathians. Transylvanian villages transport you back in time, while vibrant Bucharest offers buzzing nightlife and a contagious energy. Book a tour to Romania to explore and discover experiences of a lifetime.

Why Beyond Romania!

We created Beyond Romania Tours for two reasons: we have an intense passion for travel, and we love Romania. This beautiful country is a hidden gem that deserves to be explored. Romania is a melting pot rich in culture and history, interesting legends, stunning landscapes and untouched wilderness. The humans are very friendly too!

We thrive on showing the country and all it has to offer to adventurers and travellers from all around the world. Every smile and kind word we receive from those who join us on our tours fuels our passion. For us, it’s about making people happy by revealing the vast beauty and mystery of Romania.

With every experience you purchase, Beyond Romania Tours will help a young child finish school. We call this initiative ‘One for a Future’. Beyond Romania is an ‘experience through travel’ company with a charitable ethos at its core. Every experience that you have with us helps the One for a Future initiative.

Our guests are humanitarians by default as they will be helping us offer a child another year in school, annual rent to enable them to continue their education or something as simple as stationery and books for a child who otherwise cannot afford it.

Find an experience for you … and create a future for a child!


Discover the depths of the Romania, from age-old “beyond the forest” Transylvania to The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve with the third largest biodiversity in the world (over 5,500 flora and fauna species). Explore Romania holidays and discover the best time and places to visit.

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